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Off White Fabric (Sample)


Brand: Cane-Line (samples)

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Off White Fabric (Sample)


Before using your slate table top, always treat it with the accompanying sealant. This will extend the lifetime of the product and make it more resistant to soil and debris.

Before treatment, make sure the table top is clean and dry. Do not apply sealant in direct sunlight. The sealant can be applied with a brush, roll or lint-free cloth. Make sure to treat both the tops and sides of the table top. Wipe off any excess sealant within one hour. The furniture will be fully protected after approx. 3 hours.

This sealant makes the slate table top both soil and weather-resistant. To keep it that way, it is important to treat the table at least twice a year. Cane-line recommends treating the furniture before starting the next season of use.


It is important to handle your table with care and avoid setting it down hard or putting strain on the edges after the packaging has been removed. Slate furniture should always be handled by 2 people.


Your slate table top has been treated with a special sealant from the manufacturer, making it somewhat soil, moisture and water-resistant. Slate must be protected from acidic products as they can damage the surface.

Take care to remove any spilled wine, juice etc. immediately to avoid damaging the surface. Placing objects on the table top, such as a potted plant, can cause scratches. Do not place hot items directly on the table top.

Always wipe slate tables down after use with a moist microfibre cloth with a little dishwashing detergent, if needed. Do not use harsh detergents on slate, as they will damage the product.

This table requires regular maintenance. This means treatment with a sealant at least twice a year – before using the furniture in spring and before storing it away for winter. Standard sealants for natural stone, such as Aqua Mix Natural Sealer, can be used to treat the surface, thereby making the slate more resistant to soil, grease etc.


There are several ways to properly store your furniture in autumn and winter months for maximum protection and to make spring cleaning easier.

1) It is best to store slate furniture indoors.

2) Alternatively, it can be stored on a covered terrace, patio or carport, where it is protected from the elements.

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