PH Artichoke Indoor Pendant Light


Brand: Louis Poulsen

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Suspended spherical luminaire

Shade consist of 72 overlapping leaves of laser cut glass or metal in a range of finishes

Iconic design

Family with four standard dimensions

Two oversized versions for very large rooms available

Chrome plated frame

Top shade to hide insert

Three wire suspension

Canopy designed for lamp type

Frame suspended from ceiling

Lamp insert resting in top ring of frame

Driver positioned internally in canopy (LED only)

Option for driver positioned in driver box externally (LED Europe only)

External driver box can be positioned up to 20m from luminaire (Europe only)

Can be mounted on 4” octagonal junction box (US only)

100% glare free light

The 100% reflected light creates a pattern of light and shadow on the underside of the leaves

For glass The surface treatment on the glass leaves eliminates direct glare

Hugh play of light and shadow contrast in the luminaire

Inside of leaves white on all metal versions of the luminaire

Frosted glass leaves combines luminance with reflection

Spherical light distribution

LED replaceable


Laser cut metal leaves in either brushed copper, steel or painted high gloss white, 0.8 mm (0.03") thick.

Sand blasted glass leaves, 4mm (0.16”) thick.

Suspended from three high quality stainless steel aircraft cables, 0.8mm (0.03”) thick.

High lustre chrome plated spun aluminium housing, 2mm (0.08”) thick.

Top shade: White, spun steel, 0.8 mm (0.03") thick.

Frame: 12 legs of high luster chrome plated, cast aluminum, 0.12" thick.

LED enclosure: Custom-designed injection molded high-transmittance polycarbonate enclosure with internal reflector for proper illumination of leaves.

LED thermally managed by system of 2 heatsinks, one cast aluminum and the other extruded aluminum.

Upper heatsink with center open channel to maximum heat transferral to atmosphere.

Three heat pipes efficiently transfer heat energy between heatsinks.

Canopy (incandescent): 7.9” diameter x 3.6” tall cone of spun aluminum; canopy (LED): 9.4” diameter x 4.3” tall dome of white polycarbonate. (USA only)

Cable: white PVC coated, 12 ft. Copper incandescent cable black PVC coated. (USA)

Socket: Porcelain, medium base, for A-23, or mogul base for PS-35 clear envelope lamps.

Socket position is adjustable to allow correct lamp position and fixture illumination.

CMH variants provided with dual tap F-can style ballast to be remote located in ceiling plenum.

LED variants available in 2700K (23.6”) or 3000K (23.6”, 28.3”, 33.1”) with CRI of 80.

For LED variants, electronic constant current, class II driver for 120-277V operation and 0-10V dimming control housed inside canopy. (USA only)

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  • Size 1: 18.8"Dia x 18.3"H, 21.6 lbs
  • Size 2: 23.6"Dia x 22.8"H, 38.5 lbs
  • Size 3: 28.3"Dia x 25.6"H, 44 lbs
  • Size 4: 33.1"Dia x 28.3"H, 61.5 lbs
  • Finish Copper, satin polished and coated with rose, wet painted inner side. Brass, copper or stainless steel, brushed and coated. White, wet painted. Polished stainless steel. Black, powder coated with white, wet painted inner side.
  • Class Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.
  • Sizes and Weight 0
  • Materials Leaves: Laser cut brass, copper, stainless steel or steel. Top shade: White or black, spun steel, white on the bottom. Frame: High lustre chrome plated, laser cut steel. Suspension: High lustre chrome plated, spun aluminium.
  • Mounting Suspension type: E27: Cable 3 x 0,75mm² & wire. Canopy: Yes. Cable length: 4m. LED: Cable 2 x 1 mm2 and wire. Canopy or external driver box contains driver. Cable length: 4m. Maximum distance between external driver box and fixture: 20m.
  • Light source 1x100W E27, LED 3000K 41W, LED 3000-1800K D2W 41W, LED 2700K 96W, & LED 3000K 96W

About the...

PH Artichoke Indoor Pendant Light

The pendant illuminates any space with a 100% glare-free light due to the 72 leaves, which form 12 precisely positioned rows that hold six leaves each. The fixture ensures the light is distributed inwards as well as outwards, thereby emitting a beautiful and comfortable light. Moreover, the high quality of light is maintained in the energy efficient LED variant that creates the same renowned atmosphere around the pendant.

Meet the designers

Louis Poulsen

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How many brands do you know that have been around for almost 150 years? Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer who's mastery of form and function has allowed them to thrive over the course of three different centuries. In close partnership with designers, architects and other talents like Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, and Øivind Slaatto, they defy traditional product categories and offer modern lighting tailored to reflect and support the rhythm of natural light. Every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light. 

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