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Plush Table with 6" Legs


Brand: DK3

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Tabletop: Solid wood, glued together, 30 mm or 40 mm thickness, slighty curved edge.

Extension leaf: Solid wood, glued sticks, reversed direction of the tabletop, edge as the tabletop MDF, black, edge as the tabletop.

Treatment: Oil, white oil or soap.

Legs: Veneer covered wood construction w/ adjustment screws, 130 mm or 150 mm thickness.

Ships from Europe and take 15-25 days to receive (duties & tariffs will be calculated at checkout). Free shipping in the US (except HI & AK).

Please contact us to confirm stock. If in stock it takes about 3-5 weeks before it ships.

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  • Size 1: 78.7"L x 39.4"W x 28"/29"H, 176 lbs
  • Size 2: 94.5"L x 39.4"W x 28"/29"H, 198 lbs
  • Size 3: 106.3"L x 39.4"W x 28"/29"H, 220 lbs
  • Size 4: 118.1"L x 39.4"W x 28"/29"H, 243 lbs
  • Size 5: 133.9"L x 39.4"W x 28"/29"H, 276 lbs
  • Size 6: 145.7"L x 39.4"W x 28"/29"H, 573 lbs
  • Size 7: 157.5"L x 39.4"W x 28"/29"H, 617 lbs
  • Extension Leaf: 23.6"L x 39.4"W x 1.2"/1.6"H, 33 lbs

About the...

Plush Table with 6" Legs

Our collection combines exclusive classic and contemporary furniture from great Danish architects and designers such as Jeppe Utzon, Poul Cadovius and others. Our brand is represented through furniture retailers in more than 30 countries around the world. 80% of the dk3 collection is made at our carpentries in Denmark while the rest is being produced at carpentries across Europe. We create  and produce furniture pieces shaped and crafted by true enthusiasts, always with the ambition to unite the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classic furniture design through the fusion of timeless steel or brass and high-quality wood. The love for organic material and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the entire process, from the first design sketches to the manufacturing in the carpentries, where most pieces are finished and surface treated by hand. We have a passion for wood, and in our designs, we always aim to highlight rather than hide the natural characteristics of the tree. To us, the knots and small cracks in each individual plank is a kind of treasure making the final piece of furniture unique.

Meet the designers


A Danish brand, DK3 utilizes incredible designers along with world class craftsmanship to create furniture that brings joy to your home. Their pieces are designed and made by enthusiasts, offering timeless appeal with each item. The love for organic material and focus on quality is apparent throughout all levels, from their initial sketches to the manufacturing where furniture is crafted and treated by hand.