Santorini C Ceiling Light


Brand: Marset

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Blown, pressed glass diffuser attached to a grey polycarbonate structure.

Polycarbonate shades.

Metallic support with stainless anti-oxidant cataphoresis treatment for outdoor use.

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  • Diameter: 8.35"
  • Height: 15.19"
  • Weight: 4.41 lbs
  • Garland Connector Accessory: 4"Dia. x 3"H, 0.2 lbs
  • Floor Stand Accessory: 13"Dia. x 68"H, 15 lbs

About the...

Santorini C Ceiling Light

Inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats, this collection of customizable outdoor lamps allows you to create multiple compositions. Users can choose how many shades to place on the diffuser, along with their order, position and direction. Available with white, grey, or mustard-colored shades, this interplay of combinations yields a rich array of direct or reflected light. The Santorini collection can be hung from the ceiling, either individually or clustered together, or they can be strung up like a garland. They also work as wall lamps or standing lamps using accessories that can easily be added. The Santorini is also available as a fixed-stem wall or ceiling fixture. The metal stem provides rigidity to the light, improving its usability in outdoor applications and lending the fixture a more solid appearance.

Meet the designers


Marset makes unique and brilliant lighting designs that give a one-of-a-kind modern look. They are all made with the highest level of craftsmanship and utilize materials that are built to last. While many forms of lighting are designed to be either too discrete or too loud, Marset employs designs that work as pieces of art. Marset lights mesh well with modern design, but also stand alone as beautiful objects. By focusing on the form and the function, Marset Lighting offers a special group of products for the home and office, so you can enjoy your modern sofas, accent tables, and more!