Sumo Corner Seat


Brand: Fatboy

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Cover can be removed, and is machine washable.

Cover: 82% Polyester / 18% Acrylic.

Inner bag backrest: Non-woven polyester.

Inner bag seating: Non-woven polyester with Dacron lining.

Filling Backrest: Chopped foam.

Filling Seating: SG32 Hybrid polyether / EPP element.

FibreGuard provides strong stain resistance for a wide variety of common household stains.

The FibreGuard process coats the yarn in the finishing process resulting in an inherent strength and longevity to the stain resistance that will last for the life of the fabric.

Oeko-tex Standard 100.

Martindales: 30.000.

Sustainability: All parts can be replaced if needed, and the materials can be disposed individually to get them in the correct waste stream.

This way each single part can be fully recycled.

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  • Length: 42.5"
  • Width: 42.5"
  • Height: 35.4"
  • Weight: 71.2 lbs

About the...

Sumo Corner Seat

The Sumo Sofa Series, As soon as you see it, there can’t be any doubt: it’s a Fatboy sofa. The Sumo Sofa series is soft and strong, tough, and stylish. Overly generous too, immediately making its design iconic. Sumo sofa was inspired by a collection of cushions, but put together cleverly. This modular lounge sofa will transform your living room into your favorite hangout. A loveseat, or a sofa of record-breaking length? Assemble your ultimate Sumo Sofa or choose for a fixed set and relaaaax. The Modular Lounge Sofa, The Sumo Sofa series sets the tone for a circular future, with sustainable design paired with high quality to continuously extend its lifespan. And it will grow or shrink, in line with your needs. Moving house, or just fancy something new? Simply assemble a different Sumo Sofa. Your Sumo Sofa only wants one thing: to grow old together. And should you ever want to break up, the whole sofa can be disassembled, with every part being recyclable. Strong, Smart, and Circular, The Sumo Sofa series has been thought-through and is of the highest quality, down to the smallest detail. Its metal frame makes it very robust and its recycled-foam cushions will keep their shape for many years. Stains? Just remove them with a damp cloth (the covers are even machine-washable). And if you fancy a different color, simply replace the covers. This lounge sofa combines perfectly with Fatboy's indoor collection. So take a seat, let the cushions embrace you, and master the art of hanging out. The More Cushions, the Better, Your lounger will be even more comfortable with a lounger back pillow. Or a lounge sofa armrest. Or, better still: both! That's why Fatboy developed Puff Weave Pillow and Puff Weave Rolster Pillow. Both a perfect fit with our Sumo Sofa series. But really, every sofa becomes a better place with a Puff Weave Pillow.

Meet the designers


Fatboy® is an innovative and renowned lifestyle brand that has become an icon in over 50 countries worldwide since its conception in 2002. Our identity is anchored in iconic European design mixed with a creative spirit that extends into all our product offerings.

The heart and soul of the Fatboy brand – its people, products, and culture – are about creativity and innovation. Surprise and inspiration are the driving principles behind all of our designs.

We create iconic lifestyle products for durability and comfort with a simple, yet compelling idea reflected in our mantra, “Design with a Smile.”

We invite you to engage in the Fatboy brand experience and allow us to show you why Fatboy has become known for bringing people together around the globe with our indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, and home accessories.