VIGGO One Pale Rose & Vanilla Runner Rug


Brand: Pappelina

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Phthalate-free PVC ribbon, polyester warp.

Thickness 5 mm/0.2”.

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  • Size 1: 2.25' W x 1.75' L, 1.32 lbs
  • Size 2: 2.25' W x 5' L, 4 lbs
  • Size 3: 2.25' W x 8.25' L, 6.39 lbs
  • Size 4: 2.25' W x 11.5' L, 9.47 lbs
  • Size 5: 2.25' W x 14.75' L, 11.68 lbs

About the...

VIGGO One Pale Rose & Vanilla Runner Rug

Crafted skillfully, the Viggo One Pale Rose & Vanilla Runner Rug is resilient with a plush feel. This low pile runner adds delightful decorative complexity, while still maintaining the suppleness underfoot. There are four vanilla colored stars on pale rose base that forms the highlight of this runner. This designing detail makes it a great conversation piece, an icon of your household, unifying spaces such as seating areas and dining rooms. Bearing PVC-plastic and polyester-warp construction, this runner is easy to maintain. It is durable and will continue to enhance your home interiors for a long time.

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