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3 Furniture Brands to Consider in Your Home Renovation

A new furniture set has the ability to overhaul the look and feel of any home, injecting character and luxurious design. Whether you desire to renovate your living space, dining room, or bedroom, you'll want to know the best furniture brands on the market.

If you've decided that 2023 is the year to transform your home from drab to chic, then you're in luck. We've gathered three furniture brands that we think you should consider when renovating your home, specializing in quality furnishings and innovative design.

For your 2023 home décor overhaul, here are the best furniture brands

At Viesso, we handpick furniture brands that prioritize quality and design, with a focus on sustainability. Unlike a direct to consumer model, we handpick the best in interior design for our loyal customers.

All our featured brands offer something unique and exciting to our customers - whether its custom furniture pieces or sleek and stylish accent chairs.

After much deliberation, here are our top three best furniture brands for you to consider in your next decor overhaul, whether you're looking for bedroom furniture or you want to transform your outdoor space.

For living room furniture, choose Gus Modern

Gus Modern is a furniture brand inspired by mid century and high style design. As a brand, they use simple materials on timeless styles, all resulting in sleek designs that will transform any living space.

The Gus Modern collection always stays relevant to the consumer because of the incorporation of timeless styles that never get old.

The Gus Modern price points vary, starting at around $275 for a side table.

Here are some living room furniture pieces we can't stop thinking about.

Cabot sofa

The cabot sofa is a classic furniture piece, made from top grain leather complete with natural markings. Combine this sofa with dark wood furnishings for an elegant and timeless living room overhaul.

The cabot sofa is currently priced at $ 3,995.00.

Hull coffee table

The hull coffee table combines the best in modern design with durable materials designed to stand the test of time. Combine with the cabot sofa for the best in contemporary design.

The hull coffee table is made from FSC certified ash so you can rest easy knowing your new furniture hasn't damaged the environment.

Prices start at $925.

Adelaide bi-sectional sofa

If you're blessed with a spacious living room, the Adelaide bi-sectional sofa incorporates comfort with a sleek design to make your space more inviting.

Sofas are an integral part of any living room, and should be a comfortable place to relax after a long day. The Adelaide bi-sectional sofa is designed so you can stretch out after a long day, or alternatively entertain family and friends.

It's minimalist and structured framing means it's adaptable to any living space, so you won't need to replace all your living room furnishings.

This sofa is currently priced at $ 3,995.00.

For quality and sustainable furniture made to last, choose Ethnicraft

You can't go wrong with quality and sustainable Ethnicraft furniture. Made from solid FSC certified wood and based on modern designs, Ethnicraft prides itself on creating timeless pieces built to last for years to come.

At a time where we should all be making efforts to be more environmentally friendly, Ethnicraft are committed to making eco-friendly furniture, aiming to be fully carbon neutral by 2025.

Price points vary depending on your furniture of choice. Prices start at around $389 for a side table, and up to $6,129 for a dining table.

One of the best modern furniture brands, we think you'll love Ethnicraft's quality furniture with a stylish twist.

Here are our top furniture picks.

Air oak bed with slats

With a simplistic yet sleek design, the air oak bed complete with slats is made from 100 percent solid oak wood in order to stand the test of time. With built-in storage, the air oak bed will help you achieve your minimalist bedroom furniture dreams.

Prices start at $ 2,729.00 for a queen size bed and comes in a light oak colour.

Slice oak dining table

Minimal design meets sturdy materials with the slice oak dining table. Ethnicraft clearly made this table with functionality in mind with the use of solid oak, while the clean outlines and smooth edges make it an attractive dining room feature.

Prices start at $ 1,899.00 for the smaller slice oak table.

N3 kitchen oak counter stool

The N3 kitchen oak counter stool adds a quirky and unique element to any space and will look especially stylish at a countertop. Like other sustainable furniture made by the Ethnicraft furniture brand, the N3 kitchen oak counter stool is made from 100 percent solid oak wood.

This furniture piece currently costs $ 449.00.

For outdoor furniture, choose HOUE

One of the best furniture brands for outdoor luxury affordability, HOUE specializes in outdoor furniture with a twist.

All outdoor furniture produced by HOUE is made of high quality materials designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, and each piece has a comfort element. The combination of comfort and durability makes HOUE furniture different from any other on the market.

Our topic furniture picks are:

Click rocking chair with bamboo armrests and runners

If you enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your garden then you'll love the click rocking chair by HOUE. Made of powder coated metal complete with bamboo armrests, this armchair is both stylish and sustainable. It also comes in over 13 colors.

Prices start at $ 712.00.

Avon outdoor lounge table

If you're an avid barbecuer and spend a lot of time socializing outdoors, then the avon outdoor lounge table could be for you. Designed to blend into the beauty of your garden, this dining table keeps a low profile by looking natural and minimal. It also has a dual function, and can be used as both a table and an ottoman with the addition of an outdoor cushion.

Prices start at $ 1,139.00 and the table comes in three colors.

Transform your home with these sleek furniture brands

If you're looking to unleash your inner interior designer and transform your home in 2023, then look no further than these recommended furniture brands.

Whether you're looking to transform your living space with a Gus Modern sofa, or elevate your garden with HOUE, we've covered everything you need to perform a stylish renovation.

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