5 Rustic Room Designs for a Cosier Home

A rustic design style can transform your home into a cozy cottage nestled in the countryside.

When the word 'rustic style' comes to mind, you might envision a dark wood coffee table, a stone fireplace, and a vaulted wood ceiling, but hundreds of design styles exist.

Invoke pure rustic beauty in your living space with these five living room ideas, guaranteed to transform your home.

What's the appeal of rustic living rooms?

A rustic living room can make a space feel warm and inviting thanks to the use of earthy colors and aged natural materials. After adopting a rustic style, your home will no doubt feel cozier.

If you live in a smaller space, a rustic living room with a stone fireplace will make your home feel like a characteristically small country cottage rather than a cramped townhouse.

The simple design of a modern rustic living room also makes it appealing to fans of minimalism, especially since furniture is often made of weathered wood and decor is kept to a minimum.

Rustic living room ideas

If you're looking for rustic living room ideas, look no further. Here are some simple ways to implement rustic decor without carrying out a complete design overhaul.

Use dark wood furniture

Rustic living rooms usually include some dark wood or warm wood furniture pieces. Paired with a neutral palette like beige and white, using wood is a surefire way to create a rustic living room.

We recommend wooden living room furniture such as a statement coffee table, bookshelf, or tv cabinet.

Install a Stone fireplace

Consider adding a stone fireplace if your rustic living room needs a statement piece. No country cottage is complete without a warm hearth, and choosing stone adds a rustic look and feel.

Clad the walls with wood paneling

We recommend cladding walls with wood paneling if you have ample space to work with. Your living space will not only feel warm and inviting but using natural materials on walls adds a rustic charm that's hard to top.

Add vintage textiles

Vintage textiles decorate a rustic living room perfectly. We recommend textures like gingham, muslin linen, and wool for the ultimate rustic style.

If you don't have the funds for a complete makeover, adding vintage textiles is a cost-effective way to implement a rustic living room design.

Rustic living room designs

Knowing where to start when redesigning your living room is difficult. We recommend starting with a blank canvas if you've decided to revamp to a rustic style. This involves removing all decor, stripping back furniture, and assessing the space you have to work with.

Once this is done, it's time to play with colors, textiles, and patterns. If you're unsure where to start, here are five rustic living room ideas you should consider.

Combine black walls with subtle color and texture

Black walls can feel oppressive, but when paired with the right furnishings and patterns, black can elevate any space to feel luxurious.

If using black, it's essential to use a variety of patterns, textures, and subtle hints of color to lift the oppressiveness of black. We recommend pairing it with grey, white, and brown and using a combination of tartan, brown leather, and velvet.

Stick to a brown color palette

Earthy colors like brown are the epitome of a rustic living room design, and there are many different shades to play with, including tan, taupe, and red-brown.

Combining several shades alongside natural materials like wool and cotton is a common design choice in rustic living rooms.

Bring the outdoors into your living room

No, we don't mean literally.

Combine earthy tones such as green, brown, and red against a neutral color palette to bring the outside into your rustic living room. We also recommend adding large plants to elevate your space and natural faux fabrics like cowhide or sheepskin.

Layer patterns for a vintage touch

Adding vintage furniture and textiles is a surefire way to create a rustic living room.

For a rustic feel, combine patterns like tartan and wool with vintage furniture like a dark wood coffee table and a statement bookcase to transform your living space.

Expose brickwork for added character

Every living room design needs some form of character. If you're lucky enough to have a brick home, consider exposing a wall section in your living room for added charm.

Exposed brick combined with subtle colors such as browns and beige will elevate your living room's rustic look and feel.

Combine leather and wood

Evoke warmth and comfort by combining classically rustic materials such as leather and wood furniture.

We recommend choosing a brown leather sofa in shades such as tan or dark brown and pairing it with a wooden coffee table and tv stand. Add a natural textile rug such as faux animal print or wool for extra comfort.

Final thoughts

Designing your dream rustic living room is within arms reach. It's essential to choose a rustic theme that suits the space you have available. Color palettes such as browns, blacks, and whites are all indicative of a rustic design. We recommend layering natural fabrics such as wool, sheepskin, and tartan. 

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We'd love to chat with you if you have any questions about designing your dream rustic living room. Alternatively, read one of our previous articles, like '18 Ways to Make Your House Look Expensive(Using Interior Design Tricks!)

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