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How to Choose the Right Ottoman for You

When choosing the perfect ottoman in your home, a simple piece of furniture can become an accent piece in an instant. As well as providing storage space, ottomans offer extra seating and can be used as an alternative to a coffee table.

So, join us as we explore the versatility of these items further and guide you through how to choose an ottoman for your living space.

What Is an Ottoman Used For?

An ottoman is a versatile furniture item that can be used for many purposes.

  • Seating - additional seating when you invite guests into your home.
  • Pouf - a stool so you can rest your feet after a long day at work.
  • Storage - storage space to hide newspapers and magazines, or to keep the TV remote control safe.
  • Table - as a side table or coffee table so you can safely place your hot drinks or snacks.

What Is the Purpose of an Ottoman?

The original purpose of an ottoman was as a seat without a back or arms. Originating in the Ottoman Empire, an ottoman looked like a padded bench and would typically be piled with soft, luxurious cushions.

Today, modern ottomans are usually much smaller and are used as additional pieces of furniture in the home. Many ottomans contain internal storage and are additionally used as a pouf or stool, and an extra seat in the family room.

Ottomans have adapted further with the most contemporary pieces doubling up as a coffee table and a center accent piece in the home.

Are There Different Types of Ottoman?

Here are our top 7 ottoman styles to help you decide which piece is right for you:

1.  Seated Ottomans

A standard ottoman offers an extra seat in your home, typically upholstered and matching the main sofa in the room. Seated ottomans are sometimes connected to a modern sectional sofa.

2.  Footrest Ottomans

Usually shorter than a seated ottoman, a footrest ottoman is like a pouf and is used to rest your feet when seated on the main sofa.

3.  Storage Ottomans

Offering a hinged upholstered lid, a storage ottoman reveals a hidden compartment where you can store any items you want.

4.  Coffee Table Ottomans

Many ottomans now consist of a flat surface so they can be used as coffee or side tables and are usually square ottomans. This type of ottoman is usually luxurious and is a centerpiece in the home.

5.  Nesting Ottomans

A series of ottomans consisting of different sizes can be used and nested together when not in use. Typically, three ottomans will be provided, offering three additional seats in your family room.

6.  Bedroom Ottomans

Usually placed at the foot of a bed, a rectangular ottoman in the bedroom looks like a bench and can be used for seating in the bedroom. Many bedroom ottomans offer storage, perfect for storing towels or blankets.

7.  Outdoor Ottomans

Outdoor ottomans can also enhance your seating arrangement, adding seating to your garden sofa or armchair furniture. 

What Is the Best Height For an Ottoman?

The best height for an ottoman will vary depending on what you want to use the furniture for: 

  • Seating - if you want to use your ottoman predominantly as a seat, the best height is around 16 to 18 inches.
  • Footrest - as a footrest, a height of around 14 to 16 inches would be best.
  • Coffee Table - a standard coffee table ottoman usually reaches between 18 to 20 inches.
  • Storage - a storage ottoman usually doubles up as a seating area and will also measure between 16 to 18 inches in height.

However, these measurements are just a guide. Measure the space and required height in your room to determine the best ottoman height to aim for.

How Can I Choose the Right Ottoman For My Home?

To choose the right ottoman for you, follow these simple steps:

1. Function

 The main decision you will need to make is to consider the purpose of the furniture piece. How will you use the ottoman? Do you need storage? Will its primary use be as a seat, a stool, or a coffee table? 

2.  Size

Consider how big you want the furniture item to be, thinking about how much space you have in the family room or living space. Take accurate measurements to ensure you purchase an ottoman of the right size, in addition to considering the size of your main sofa or couch.

3.  Style

Think about the style of ottoman you want in your home. Do you want the ottoman to match the main sofa in your living space, or do you want a complete contrast? For further inspiration, check out our blog about Making Your House Look Expensive.

4.  Shape

You can purchase square ottomans, rectangular ottomans or circular ottomans, so which shape would suit your home best?  

As a general rule, square ottomans suit being used as a coffee table whereas a bedroom ottoman is usually a rectangular shape. Footstool ottomans can usually be any shape although are smaller.5.

5.  Colors

Again, do you want your ottoman to match the colors in your living space or offer a splash of color as an accent piece?

6.  Cost

Ottomans come in all types of price budgets so there really is something to suit everyone. The more unique pieces such as the Ekka Ottoman from Viesso will cost more, although lower priced choices such as the Tufty Ottoman are also available.

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