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How to Create a Moody Living Room or Dining Room

Is your home lacking a hint of mystery? Or, do you feel like adding a touch of coziness to your space? Creating a moody living or dining room is a popular choice, and it's a trend that gives a timeless and chic look. We all spend so much time in our homes, yet our living rooms and dining rooms take centre stage when it comes to entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day.

Designing a moody space that exudes sophistication and elegance will elevate your home. From choosing enchanting patterns to finding cozy, warm lighting, there are plenty of way to transform your space and give it that emotional and intimate feel. To help you achieve your goals and enhance your space, we've created a list of top tips to bring your idea to life.

What is "Moody" in Interior Design?

The term "moody" with regard to interior design refers to a dramatic space that's full of sophistication, mystery, and luxury. The style is all about using dark colours, large and attractive mirrors, and upholstery to create a mysterious space. Some common colours that are popular with the moody aesthetic are:

  • Deep green
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Charcoal gray
  • Burgundy

Furthermore, the lighting is often warm and glows to radiate coziness and mystery. There are often also accessories and details to create drama and intensity. You can opt for a moody interior no matter what the rest of your home's style is, as it goes seamlessly well alongside a range of interiors.

Creating a Moody Living and Dining Room: Designing an Enchanting Space

Moody interiors work great for creating an enhancing and space to unwind in. It's not a brightly lit interior that encourages high energy. Instead, it creates a feeling of sophistication, luxury, and radiates a warm, cozy glow to relax into. If you want to create this in either your living or dining room, here are some ideas:

Start With Colour

Colour is one of the most effective ways to create a moody space. Choose from charcoal grey, deep green, or any dark colour you like, and base the interior around that. Pairing navy blue with gold accessories or lighting is an enchanting combination, and works well to create a sophisticated look. You can use colour on walls, for the furniture, or for any accessories in the room.

In a living room, choosing a dark sofa is a popular choice when creating a moody room. Opting for a deep green sofa, gold cushions or a throw will offer a look of luxury. Or, you can opt for a light grey or off white sofa, and place it in front of a deep green wall. Rugs can also tie the room together, as well as add to the moody feel of a room. A large, deep red or navy blue rug can create a sophisticated look, and not to mention, it'll make the room feel more cozy.

The Dalton 3-Seater Sofa is made with leather upholstery and exudes sophistication and class. It's black in colour, and will add a polished yet atmospheric look.

If you're creating a moody dining room, you can use colour to portray an atmospheric and dramatic look. A dark wood dining table against a deep blue or even black wall will ooze luxury and mystery. Furthermore, you can use colourful accessories like black candle holders or gold place mats to add to the moody look.

The Mater Dining Table is made from FSC® certified beech wood and has a sharp, sleek look. The legs are made from solid steel, and the table will bring a bold look to your dining room as you dress it up with accessories and place mats.

Consider Lighting

Due to the moody interior design look being relatively dark with block colours, you can use lighting to brighten the place up. However, opting for warm lighting that offers a subtle glow is the best look to go for. Gold fixtures are popular within this style, as they offer a contrast from the dark walls and furniture.

In a living room, wall sconces can work well to light up a dark wall, and they add a little extra to a space you're not sure how to fill. Opt for layered lighting to provide a soft glow to the room, and table lamps and floor standing lights are useful for this. Ceramic and brass bases for lamps are ideal for the moody aesthetic, and they'll make the room feel more cozy and inviting.

The Mercer A Wall Lamp will lighten up a dark wall, as it has a combination of a textile shade and a transparent glass structure. It'll add a cozy feel to a room, and provide a soft flow to contrast with a dark wall or furniture.

Mercer A Wall Lamp by Marset - Pleated White Cotton Shade.

In your dining room, go all out and opt for a dramatic crystal chandelier. Furthermore, you can opt for lights with dimmer dials to create an atmospheric feel. You can also use pendant lighting for the same effect, and dim the lights to create a warm, glowing, yet mystical feel.

Play With Patterns

Patterns work really well in moody rooms and they work wonders for bringing the space to life. From upholstered cushions to pattered rugs and throws, you can rely on dramatic patterns to uplift your space. In both living and dining rooms, you can create feature walls by using a bold wallpaper design to lift up the room.

In a living room, opting for floral patterns is a popular choice. Whether you choose to have floral cushions on your couch, or a rug to lift the space, it'll elevate the space. Furthermore, you can add upholstered dining chairs to your dining room, and create a bod statement that way.

The Champetre Outdoor Pillow is patterned with nature, making it a perfect design to add to your space. You can use it indoors too, and it'll add a bold pattern and statement to your room especially against the dark colours.

Champetre Outdoor Pillow by Fermob - Ice Mint.

Add Accessories

Thoughtful accessories and decor can enhance any room and work well to create a statement. In both your living and dining room, opting for a bold piece of art work for the wall will completely elevate the space and set the tone.

Moody artwork that focuses on dark colours, black and white photographs, or even vintage prints, will match the aesthetic and tone. Gallery walls are also a popular choice when creating a moody space, and they always make a good focal point.

Final Thoughts

The moody interior design aesthetic is a very popular one, and it works incredibly well for transforming your space. Whether you're aiming to design a cozy and inviting living room, or you want dining room that exudes luxury and sophistication, you can take these tips on board to create a whimsical feel in your home.

At Viesso, we have a large selection of moody pieces that'll help to create a space where you can really unwind. From deep green sofas to dark wooden dining tables, explore our collection and create your dream space. If you would like any more advice on how to transform your living room or dinging room into a moody and aesthetically pleasing place, contact us today.

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