How to Shop for a New Modular Couch

If it's time to upgrade your living space, consider investing in a modular couch. Modular couches are designed to fit a wide range of rooms, lifestyles, and layouts and add a stylish touch with their versatility and modern look.

With so many styles, sizes, colors, and shapes available, it can be hard to know where to start your couch shopping. The right modular sofa depends on the size of your room, the layout, and the style you're looking for.

There are different factors to consider before investing in a modular sofa, and to help guide you through the process; we've created a list of elements to consider before making your decision.

Let's take a look at modular couches in more detail:

What are the advantages of a modular couch?

Modular sofas have many advantages, making them a modern and popular couch style. Their practical value and stylish look will enhance your living space and provide high comfort levels to help you unwind after a stressful day. A modular sofa is the way forward if it's time for an upgrade.

Here are some advantages of modular sofas:

  • Versatility. You can adapt modular sofas to a wide range of living rooms as they're versatile and can be arranged in various ways.
  • Customization. Modular sofas can be customized to suit your preferences, fit your room and reflect the style of your house.
  • Comfort. A benefit of modular couches is that they offer exceptional comfort due to their different configuration options and range of depths.
  • Efficiency. You can optimize your space with modular sofas as different designs suit various sizes, shapes, and living space designs.
  • Functionality. Modular couches add functionality to a living space as some have built-in storage, pull-out beds, and more seating options to fit everyone in.
  • Ease-of-use. Modular sofas are easy to use, assemble, maneuver, and transport due to their different parts.

Modular sofas have many advantages, making them a practical, stylish, and effective addition to your space. A sectional sofa is the way to create a more streamlined living room, adding extra seats or a modern touch.

Let's look at some essential factors to consider and how to shop for a modular sofa:

Consider your room layout and size

An excellent place to start when shopping for a modular sofa is by considering your room layout and size to help you decide which couch is right for you. Measure your room, work out the spacing, and look around for shapes and sizes that'll work in your area.

Consider factors like the size of your family, the space you need to fill, and how you'll use the couch in your area. If you have a large family or you're often the host for game or movie nights, a more oversized couch will work better for you. Furthermore, look at the space you want to optimize and note any obstacles or layouts that may affect the positioning of your couch.

For example, our Silverlake XL Sectional is the ideal addition to a room with plenty of open space due to its size and the space it takes up. Furthermore, it's the perfect sectional for people with larger families due to the number of seat cushions.

Think about your lifestyle

Your lifestyle may impact your decision for your modular couch, as different features may work for various needs. For example, some sectionals can have a pull-out bed, extra storage, or more seats.

If you're constantly hosting game or movie nights, have a large family, or find additional features of a pull-out bed useful, you may find particular modular sofas more effective. You may only require some corner modular sectionals to add to your sofa, and it's worth considering the different factors you need before investing.

If your lifestyle requires plenty of seating and a large comfortable seating area, our Hollywood Medium Sectional Sofa may be the right choice. With its stylish look and modern touch, this sectional will enhance your space and create a comfortable space for those movie nights.

Find the suitable configuration for you

When modular couch shopping, there are different configurations to consider that'll suit your space. With various styles, sizes, and structures, shopping for the right one that fits conveniently and seamlessly into your space is essential.

There's a wide variety, from L-shaped sectionals to U-shaped sectionals, chaises, and armless chairs. Depending on the dimensions of your space, the lifestyle you lead, or the levels of comfort you want to indulge in, it's essential to understand your options and the choices available.

The Renfrew U Shaped Sectional is the ideal addition to any living space, with its practical reversible cushions, slender tuxedo frame, and functional configuration for those larger gatherings.

Consider the material

With a wide range of leathers, fabrics, and endless designs, consider your home decor and the style you want to achieve. For example, if you're aiming for a slick, polished look, a leather modular couch, like the Paloma Sectional, may suit your idea.

Consider factors such as durability, stain resistance, ease of cleaning, and wear and tear. Modular sectional sofas come with many different material options, and depending on what you're looking for, the style you want to achieve, and the advantages of the other options, you can decide on the one best for you.

The customization options

A significant perk of having a modular couch is the customization options available. Whether it's the material, the design, the fabric, the pattern, or the configuration of the sofa, it's worth looking into the different ways you can customize it to suit you.

With different finishes available, take your time to look around and consider how you want your modular sofa to look and the impact it has on your living space. The Mulholland Bi-Sectional comes in a wide range of colors that you can choose from to suit your area. 

Furthermore, Viesso offers the option to alter seat depth or height to ensure it fits in your space perfectly.

Aim for high quality

If you're looking for the ideal modular sofa for your living space, aiming for high quality is essential. The couch's quality will ensure its durability and resilience, vital elements for a well-used piece of furniture. Ensure you go for a sofa created with high quality products, like steel legs or reliable fabric for the cushions. 

At Viesso, we pride ourselves in the top-quality manufacturing of our sofas, and they are designed one at a time in Los Angeles. Created with top-notch craftsmanship and quality in mind, our modular sofas are long-lasting, durable, and ideal for all your comfort and lounging needs.

Shopping for the right modular sofa may seem overwhelming, but by considering these factors, you'll find the right one for you and your living space. Prioritize your comfort, consider your space, find the suitable configuration and customization, and aim for high quality. Modular sofas are modern, stylish and will enhance your room, it’s just about choosing the right one. 

At Viesso, we pride ourselves in our range of excellent modular sofas, so browse our exceptional collection today. Contact us for more information, or read our blog on how to design a modern living room for further inspiration. 

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