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For any contemporary kitchen space, the dining table is often the centerpiece around which the rest of the kitchen is designed. A modern dining table is often versatile enough to cater to many needs, including large family dinners, entertainment evenings with friends, or ad-hoc workspaces.

Yet many households choose to go one step further to maximize the features and aesthetic appeal of their modern dining tables.

This article will explore the considerations you might wish to take when selecting your ideal dining room table before presenting several of the most trending dining table features and accessories that will help you create your perfect dining space.

How to Select Your Ideal Dining Room Table

Before purchasing a dining table for your kitchen, you should first consider exactly what purpose it is most likely to fulfill. Is it expected to see heavy use every evening? Will you need an extendable table with additional built-in kitchen storage? Will it have to bear the burden of hot plates and pans? Will it offer comfort as a makeshift office space?

What follows are a number of the key considerations you may wish to make.


In line with its intended purpose, you will need to decide exactly what shape and size will best suit the dimensions of your dining room. Dining tables are often the central feature of kitchen space, so they should be sized appropriately. Too small a table, and they risk getting lost in larger spaces.

Solid oak rectangular tables often come in various sizes, so make sure your choice is proportionate to the area of your dining room.


Not only should you consider the size of your table, but you will also need to have a clear idea of where it will be placed within your dining area. If you are going all out with a tabletop that is not only functional but aesthetically impressive, the chances are you will want it to be front and center of the room.

However, suppose you desire a more functional, practical dining table. In that case, you may wish to consider something that can rest easily in the corner of the room or even something that can fold away altogether.


Another vital factor when deciding on the appropriate dining table for your area is what material you wish for the table to be built with. If you need a durable, multi-functional table, then solid oak wood dining tables are often an excellent choice as they can withstand the rigors of modern life. A stone such as marble can provide sturdiness and beauty.

If you are looking to maximize the chic aesthetic feel of your dining room, you might instead opt for a glass-top table. Glass offers high levels of elegance as well as excellent diffusion of light.


A final decision that homeowners often agonize over is the color of furniture within a house. Dining tables usually come in a wide variety of colors, often due to the material of wood being used to build them. Metal and glass finishes will also have several decor choices.

For example, this Zafal dining table comes in three distinct shades, making it a highly versatile choice to complement several aesthetics.

Top Dining Table Accessories and Features

Size and seating capacity are no longer the only considerations when it comes to selecting a table for the modern home. Homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their tables through many quirky assets and features.

Here are just a few of the ideas you may wish to invest in for your own dining table.

Type Rugs

Rugs can come in a vast range of styles and textures. They are often used effectively with dining tables and in contemporary kitchen areas to help set the table apart from the rest of the room and give it that sense of dominance.

If you are looking to place a rug on the floor under your dining table, one thing to consider is how functional it is to clean. If you are limited by area, you may not be able to get in and around tables and chairs if they are challenging to move. You will also need to consider the floor or carpet underneath the rug.

The size of the rug is also important. Do you want the entire table to rest on top of it, or are you after a more niche, angular aesthetic? Our Carl Rug from Pappelina comes in various color choices, allowing for a range of different kitchen spaces.

Table Linens

Table or kitchen linens are a staple of most high-brow restaurant tables - why should they not find a place atop your kitchen table?

Table Cloths

Often made from cotton or polyester and intended for multiple uses, they come in many forms. Table cloths and napkins can often transform the mood and feel of a dining area depending on the color and texture chosen and are versatile enough for any style. Table cloths also double up as additional protection for the table.


Placemats are sturdy, often square or rectangular, and can serve a multitude of purposes. They help to designate eating spaces during meals and can offer protection to the table cloth. They are highly versatile in style and aesthetic, often featuring displays of art and vibrant colors, such as the Bamboo Rectangle Tabletop from Chilewich.   

Table Skirting

Table skirting can often act as a final flourish when it comes to setting up a picturesque dining experience. Similar to table cloths in that they cover the table during a meal, they are designed with extra ruffles and patterns that run down to the floor to cover table legs and fixtures.


Flatware table linens are often linen sets (usually a napkin) accompanied by a set of cutlery. This arrangement can often be used to great effect during more formal get-togethers.

Outdoor Dining

Providing the weather is acceptable, and you have an outdoor area, you may wish to entertain or serve outside. Outdoor dining is an excellent option during the summer months, ideal for hosting larger social events. If you work from home, take your computer and a cold drink and set up your virtual office under the sun.

Dining tables need to be equipped with additional durability if they are going to remain outdoors for the entire year. Additionally, there are other outdoor dining features and accessories that will enhance your experience.


Chairs intended for the outside can often sacrifice some comfort for sturdiness. In these circumstances, chair pillows are a great solution. They come in all shapes, sizes, and textures and can often be unattached and stored away during the cold winter months.

Pillows are often versatile in their shape and equipped for both individual seats and long benches.


Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Summer is a great time for outdoor dining, but the sun and heat can often become overwhelming.

Sun umbrellas provide the answer to this problem. Often forming part of an outdoor dining set, they are also sold as separate furniture pieces to cater to all kinds of outdoor areas. They are excellent for providing shade and coolness from the sun and are usually waterproof if a summer shower unexpectedly hits.


Some household owners strive to give their guests an experience when entertaining friends and family. Others seek an intimate space for time with a loved one or a functional area to work in.

Here at Viesso, we have curated an unrivaled collection of eco-friendly, sustainable furniture intended to suit all needs at affordable prices.

Visit our website to find your perfect dining table and accessories. While you're there, why not check out this article on the benefits of extendable dining room tables.

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