What Size Rug is Best for U-Shaped Sectionals?

A U-shaped sectional is renowned for extremely high levels of comfort, a luxurious look, and is a stylish centerpiece in a living room. Choosing the right rug is essential to keep your living room flowing and your space as streamlined as possible. With so many different shapes and sizes, you may wonder, "What size rug should I buy?"

Depending on the size of your sectional, living room, coffee table or the amount of floor space you want to fill, it's worth considering the options available. We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is essential. The right rug will transform your room into a tranquil setting and add a functional addition to tie the room together.

To find the right rug for your U-shaped sectional, let's take a look at the sofas in more detail:

What's a U-shaped sectional?

Before we dive into the captivating world of rugs, let's take a closer look at U-shaped sectionals. A U-shaped sectional is a trendy seating configuration consisting of three sectionals creating a "u" shape. The shape is ideal for large gatherings, big families and cozy movie nights. The enclosed feel of the U-shaped sectional is well-known for its ability to accommodate many people.

U-shaped sectionals are versatile and work in different sizes or layouts of rooms. They can become the focal point of a room, or they can strategically optimize space in more obscure or smaller rooms. For many homeowners, this type of sofa configuration is often considered highly indulgent and the epitome of comfort.

Finding the right rug 

Amongst the many different sizes and designs of u-shaped sectionals are various rugs you can use to enhance your space further. If your U-shaped sectional looks as though it's missing the finishing touch, the right rug will do just that.

What to consider when finding the right size rug for a U-shaped sectional 

When finding the right size rug for a U-shaped sectional, there are several factors to consider. We all have different styles and preferences for our sectionals, and our room layouts and dimensions differ. To help you find your perfect size rug, we’ve created a guide you can follow to create your dream living room.   

Let's take a look at the factors to consider:

Your room size and layout

Consider the specific room size and layout when finding the right rug for your sectional. To find the right rug for your space, consider where you'll place it and the style you want to achieve. Choose a rug that will leave even space around the edges to give your room a polished and streamlined look.

If you want the rug to dominate the space by taking up lots of floor space, consider a larger rug for the size of your room. Choosing the right size is essential, so consider the dimensions of your room, the size and the impact you want the rug to have. The rug you choose should be small enough to allow for walking space in the room.

The Gerda Woven Plastic Rug is extremely soft, functional and easily ties a room together. Its smaller size makes it ideal if you don't want a rug that dominates an entire room.

The shape of the rug

There are endless types of rugs, all with different shapes and sizes. When choosing a rug for a U-shaped sectional, consider the shape that'll look the best with the style. For example, a rectangular rug would give a streamlined look, but a square one may also work, depending on your room's design and the sofa's configuration.

You may find that round rugs clash with the "u" shape of the sectional, as they're too similar. Look around for rugs that will complement the space and sectional, and be aware of the space you need to fill. The Dana Ochre & Beige & Vanilla Rug is an excellent choice if your room feels disjointed, as it'll bring it all together with its rectangular shape and creative color combination.

The placement of the rug

Consider where you want it to go before deciding on the best rug to complement your U-shaped sectional. Consider the other furniture pieces in the area and how the rug should co-exist. A living room rug that extends beyond the sectional is the best option to keep the room streamlined and flowing. This will also allow for comfortable foot placement when people use the comfortable seating area.

Consider how the rug placement connects or separates the two areas if you have an open-plan space with a dining room. You can use the placement of a rug to create specific zones in the space; for example, if you place a rug underneath your dining table and sectional, consider the rug size you need to do so.

Think about whether you want other furniture items on top of the rug or you want it to fill the space of the "u" shape. A smaller rug will have a different placement to large rugs, so consider the dimensions of your room. The Mono White Rug will enhance your space with its modern look and sleek style, and its wide range of sizes means you can decide the placement you want.

The legs of the sectional

Consider whether you want the legs of the sectional or the rest of your furniture to be partially or entirely on the rug for a visually pleasing combination. Commonly, the front legs of a sectional sofa and chairs should be placed completely on the rug, and the back legs rest on the floor. This dynamic connects the rug and sectional, enhancing the room's flow.

Depending on your size of sectional, you'll need to find a rug large enough to fit the legs on. Due to the shape of a U-shaped sectional couch, a small rug may not reach all the legs, and you may need to opt for a larger size to create an inviting and streamlined atmosphere.

The Bamboo Woven Runner Rug is ideal for tying a room together and will provide a polished look to any room. Available in small and large sizes, you can consider placing the furniture legs on the rug, depending on the size of your sectional.

U-shaped sectionals are a great place to unwind and relax; what better way to do that is by adding a cozy rug? Choosing the right rug for your space is essential, and by considering the dimensions of your room, the size, shape and placement of the rug and furniture placement, you can find the right size rug for your space.

At Viesso, we understand the importance of the right size rug, and our wide selection of rugs comes in different shapes and sizes. We've got it all, whether it's a sleek runner for the center of the "u" shape or a large rug to create an inviting atmosphere. For more information, contact us today or read our recent blog on how to style U-shaped sectionals.

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