How to Style U-Shaped Sectionals

For a modern, functional, and comfortable upgrade to your living space, modern modular sectionals are the way forward. U-shaped sectional sofas are not only a homely addition to a room, but they can also help to create a larger seating area to accommodate those bigger parties.

A significant reason why the U-shaped sectional sofa is so prevalent in modern living spaces is that it gives you the flexibility to work with your area. 

Comfortable and practical, it’s the perfect place to relax and recline after a long day.

What is a U-shaped sectional?

A U-shaped sectional is a sofa with two to three sections that are used to create a U-shape. Unlike a traditional sofa, a sectional comprises different parts that you can move and alter to fit any shape or sized room. Unlike the L-shape sectional, it has two extended features that face each other and is perfect for larger families or game nights.

You can create a U-shaped sectional by adding left and right corner sectionals, a straight sectional, and a chaise that will fit into your space and stylishly transform any room. With choices of a fabric or a leather sectional, you can choose your sofa and style it to match your room perfectly. 

What are the benefits of a U-shaped sectional sofa?

U-shaped modular sectionals come with many benefits, and you can use them to your advantage, no matter the shape or size of your living space. 

Here are some benefits to consider:

  • They work in both small and large spaces. Traditionally, U-shaped sectionals go best in larger rooms as there's more space to fill to become the main feature. Yet, they also work excellently in smaller rooms, as they can help maximize your space.
  • They're practical for a living space. For more room, seat cushions, and design options, a U-shaped couch is an ideal addition for family movie nights and will keep everyone comfy.
  • They're versatile in any living room. With the option to move the modular sofa sections, or the corner sofa pieces around, you can suit any preference or meet any needs that your living space requires.

Styling a U-shaped sectional sofa is vital in making it work best for you and your living room. 

Here are some ways to style suggestions for your U-shaped sectional sofa:

Put it against a wall

Putting the L-shape section of the couch against the wall in smaller spaces can give you more floor space, effectively working to maximize your space. A couch against the wall will open up your room, and you can design the rest around it. Not only will you increase the amount of seating space, but your room will flow well, no matter the size.

Float your sectional

Floating your furniture means moving it away from the wall, even if just slightly. Floating your furniture is a common choice for sectional sofas in larger rooms, as there's space to do so. Equally, if you have an open-plan living area, it can be a suitable room separator.

Floating a U-shaped sectional sofa works well as it can become the main focal point of your room and allows you to create flow through large rooms intelligently. You can emphasize your couch or add furniture, like a coffee or console table, to tie it all together and express your personality through the design of the room. Floating your sectional can also be a good idea if you've got an awkward space to fill without a clear wall option for your sofa.

Add throw pillows

For a cloud-like, cozy feel to your U-shaped sectional, use throw pillows to add comfort and a contemporary touch. The shape of the pillows may differ depending on your preference and the size of the back cushions. Matching the pillows to your couch, walls, or home decor can add much-needed texture to the space as well as allowing you to express your unique style through these extra accessories.

You may decide to have more oversized pillows due to the deep seat of your sectional, or a mixture of small and larger ones. Use the corners of the U-shape to your advantage, place a pillow on each corner, and play around with combinations of patterns and colors to liven up your living space.

Add a comfy throw into the mix by folding it in half and draping it over the back cushions or the two extended arms with a pillow in front for a hint of coziness. If you have an ottoman or a chaise sectional, you can fold a throw over this to give it a stylish twist.

Pair it with a rug

We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, and what's better than returning to a cozy space after a long day? A welcoming rug can really add that inviting touch to your living room space.

Also, many designers recommend a rug underneath your sectional sofa can tie your room together, helping to increase the flow of the room as you transition from area to area.

You can add a patterned, small rug to the center of the U-shape to attract attention and add personality to the room. Alternatively, you could match a rug to the color of your couch or use a neutral one to create a classy look for your living room design.

A small rug in the open section of the U, or a large one in the space under and around the couch, will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Add a central coffee table

Add a coffee table to the center of the U-shaped sectional for a streamlined living space that flows easily. A coffee table will bring the room together, no matter what size your room is, and it'll be a practical feature that you can use for storage and a convenient surface top.

For example, if your sectional has a solid wood frame, add a matching round coffee table to give it a polished look. Our Groove Coffee Table will go perfectly in the center of your U-shaped sectional sofa. 

A coffee table is a practical way to make the most of your space in small areas. Adding a table in the center is also a great idea for larger areas, as it means you have more room to add furniture elsewhere and utilize the extra floor space.

A U-shaped modern sectional is an excellent addition to any living space, as it can work in different ways for both small and large rooms. As a practical and comfortable addition to your living room, you can style your U-shape sectional to meet your comfort needs and to look great in your living room. 

Viesso has a wide range of high-quality sectionals that'll transform your living room into a restful and beneficial space for any activity, from big game nights with your family to lazy lounging.

For more information on how to style your U-shaped sectional sofa, contact us today or read our recent article on how to design a modern living room

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