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What's the Value of Sustainable Furniture?

Sustainability is the future of the furniture industry.

The global eco friendly furniture industry was valued at 43.26 billion USD in 2022, and for good reason. With climate change becoming an increasingly concerning problem, sustainable furniture is the new way forward.

Being sustainable isn't just about switching to renewable energy and recycling waste - furniture companies are also realizing the importance of ethical consumption and are releasing non-toxic furniture made of recycled materials and reclaimed wood.

So, what is the value of sustainable furniture, and should you make the switch?

What makes furniture sustainable?

Sustainable furniture is made of materials that have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Commonly, sustainable furniture is made from recycled materials such as metal, plastic, and paper, as well as reclaimed wood.

Furniture made of local materials also class as sustainable since there's less transportation needed and therefore less emissions polluting the atmosphere.

What are the main sustainable materials?

Most sustainable furniture is typically made of the following eco friendly materials:

FSC certified wood

If furniture is made of FSC certified wood it means that the product comes from managed forests that pay attention to environmental and social factors. This is to stop the devastating effects of deforestation which contributes to 4.8 Billion Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide A Year.

FSC certified wood is decided and managed by the Forest Stewardship Council who provide guidance for global forest management.

Recycled materials

Most sustainable furniture is made from recycled materials such as reclaimed wood or plastics. For example, sustainable beds will typically be made of FSC certified wood and recycled steel springs.

A lot of recyclable materials will also be climate neutral certified, i.e, they've contributed to no carbon dioxide emissions.

Upcycled materials

Smaller furniture companies may opt to use upcycled materials sourced from old pieces of furniture like coffee tables, accent chairs, or outdoor furniture.

Solid bamboo

Solid bamboo is a regenerating grass, meaning it grows far faster than trees. This makes it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly material as opposed to FSC certified wood.

Pieces made from bamboo are therefore classed as sustainable furniture and are even more environmentally friendly than reclaimed wood materials.

Organic cotton

Sustainable furniture is often made using recycled cotton because it is far more sustainable, since it is carefully monitored and protected during the growth phase.

Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton is not exposed to pesticides or fertilizers, limiting the erosion of soil.

Many sustainable materials adopt the same approach during the growth phrase to limit the earth's exposure to harsh chemicals.

What are the best sustainable furniture companies?

If you've decided it's time to purchase sustainable furniture, it's important to do your research before choosing where to buy from.

Here are the best eco friendly furniture companies that pride themselves on producing eco friendly furniture.


Viesso prides itself on seeking out the best materials to offer its customers the most stylish sustainable furniture on the market. The intention is to not only protect the planet but to protect the home with long-lasting, beautiful furniture pieces.

The Viesso website sells eco friendly furniture from numerous eco friendly brands, including Ethnicraft, Fermob, and Mamagreen.


Ethnicraft prides themselves on building eco friendly furniture designed to last.

Their solid wood pieces are made by master craftsman and therefore incredible durable, while their designs range from timeless classics to modern pieces.

Ethnicraft's popular eco friendly furniture pieces include the Air Oak bed and the Oak Bok dining table.

Etsy Reclaimed Furniture

Etsy's sustainable furniture collection comprises of eco friendly furniture from individual sellers.

Their sustainable furniture is made from materials such as reclaimed wood, sustainable sourced wood, as well as secondhand furniture.

Most pieces are one-of-a-kind and therefore unique. Etsy's reclaimed section includes eco friendly furniture such as accent tables, bed frames, and dining tables.


Fermob is one of the best sustainable furniture brands, aiming to inject style and colour into garden spaces.

Their eco friendly furniture is designed with style and sustainability in mind, with pieces such as outdoor chairs and lamps revitalising any space.

What makes Fermob sustainable is its commitment to using natural materials, as well as steel or aluminium (which are 98 percent recyclable worldwide).

All powder paints used in the manufacturing process contain no solvents and are therefore 100 percent recyclable.

If you're looking for sustainable furniture companies selling outdoor pieces, look no further than Fermob.


Mamagreen provide eco friendly furniture with a difference. This company utilizes creative designs combined with high quality materials to create the best in eco furniture.

Similarly to Fermob, Mamagreen specializes in durable and cleanable outdoor furnishings. All handmade furniture is made with sustainability in mind, built from organic fabrics and recycled aluminum.

If you like eco friendly furniture and are looking for sustainable furniture brands with a difference, check out Mamagreen. We also sell Mamagreen's eco friendly furniture on the Viesso website.

West Elm

West Elm are committed to providing the best eco friendly furniture on the market, with over half of their designs supporting a sustainability initiative.

As of 2023, 60 percent of their sales support eco friendly missions., such as Fair Trade and LOCAL.

By 2025, West Elm are aiming to be fully carbon neutral by using recycled and upcycled materials and sustainably sourced wood.

Because of all their environmental efforts, West Elm is one of the most eco friendly furniture companies currently operating in 2023.

Gus Modern

Gus Modern specialises in creating mid-century inspired eco friendly furniture using natural materials.

This brand incorporates elements of the timeless mid-century style, mixing elegance and sustainability, such as the stunning collection of Gus Modern Sofas.

Gus Modern prides itself on using FSC certified wood from sustainable forests.

It's hard to go wrong with Gus Modern's eco friendly furniture range. Discover this elegant furniture range here.

Transform your home with these eco friendly furniture brands

If you're ready to embrace an eco friendly lifestyle, don't hesitate to transform your home with sustainable furniture.

We hope you've enjoyed our top picks for ethical furniture brands.

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