Where Does Starbucks get their Furniture?

One of the hallmarks of contemporary furniture is in its ability, like any art form, to reflect what is going on in modern culture. And like any art form, the paradigm of the chicken and the egg holds true: contemporary minds helping to shape a new way of thinking by creating and developing advancements that ignite the imagination, or through the perception of our constantly evolving lifestyle, making new work that harmonizes with each new vision. Whatever way you look at it, Viesso is at the helm of providing clients with the most contemporary designs that correspond with the present and the future in a way that mirrors how we look at our world. Representing innovative designers who are dedicated to creating efficient, sustainable, functional, and aesthetic furniture, we are committed to taking our clients a step further when it comes to filling spaces for living, lounging, relaxing, socializing, working, and more. And we've curated some amazing dining and seating solutions that have been used in many restaurants and cafes.

A Cutting Edge Approach

One of the ways we feel validated in our work is via the exceptional clients who are coming to us for new ideas. Just a glance at this impressive group speaks volumes about how our various furniture lines are being viewed by the most up and coming, progressive leaders in today’s marketplace, no matter the field. These clients are proof of our cutting-edge, forward minded approach to design, as they themselves represent the true wave of the future.

Starbucks Dining Table


Starbucks is one such client, and we built many pieces for them including the one above. Known for breaking the ice when it came to introducing cafe culture into the United States, this company has the bead on what it takes to create a comfortable setting for people to enjoy a good cup of java, work on their laptops, conduct a business meeting in a cool environment that takes away the pressure, meet up with friends, or enjoy the beginnings of a new relationship. Building custom bamboo tables for them based off of our Plyned design to use in many of their retail locations has been the proclamation of a mutual commitment to sustainability, a clean aesthetic, and longevity represented in the durability of the materials.

Other Forward-Thinking Companies

Another unmistakably forward-mover in today’s culture is Google, for whom we also designed materials. The modular pieces we created for Facebook’s offices reflect their desire for clean lines combined with comfort and flexibility. Other clients include Naia Films, OTIS School of Design, GLiving Studio, the Crown Plaza Hotel, Flight Bistro and Social Lounge, Edge Bar, and Nikki’s Bar in Venice, California. Being featured on shows such as MTV Real World Home, Wired House, Blush TV Show Home, ESPY Awards, and Celebrity Apprentice, has been yet another affirmation that more and more contemporary companies are getting on the bandwagon when it comes to streamlining their tastes as they move towards the latest innovations in design.

Reflecting Your Views and Values

At Viesso we believe that the kind of furniture you choose reflects your views and values. Our appeal is through our emphasis on modernity with a pared down aesthetic. This strict attention to minimalism that does not sacrifice comfort or beauty speaks of moving forward, understanding the value of functional solutions, and being mindful of how we treat both our home and our external environment.

Eco-Friendly Protocols

One of the most obvious indicators of a contemporary, open mind is where we see clients selecting a lifestyle that is more and more Green. Starbucks, Facebook, Google, and many other similar companies have made this decision by using eco-friendly protocols. At Viesso, we strive to represent the apotheosis of environmental awareness in the choices we make regarding the use of sustainable, local, and non-toxic materials. Bamboo, alder, and other local woods are our preferred choices, along with fabrics and fills in natural fibers, natural latex products, and the like. We are rapidly becoming identified as a company that cares, which is drawing consciously aware clients to our side.

Creating Furniture We Need and Use Ourselves

Like you, we are invested in technology, have busy lives that make new kinds of demands on us everyday, and are always appreciative of anything that makes our day-to-day living easier. We create furniture that we need and want to use ourselves and are always looking for functional solutions to the question: how can we do this better?

Customizing Our Designs

Offering the possibility to customize our designs that relate to each client’s needs has given us the edge in our industry, especially with our online store providing a more convenient shopping experience, whereby you can select pieces from the comfort of your home or office. The various designers we represent, including our own brand, creates an opportunity for creating an environment that is unique and eclectic, with each piece embodying not just its function, but also a whole-hearted artistic appeal.

The Essence of Modernity

Because we believe in promoting a sleek, contemporary style, we have come to represent the kind of furniture that is courageous yet understated. We are not afraid to create pieces that multi-task, like our beds with storage units underneath them, or our sofas that incorporate end tables elegantly built into their structure. To us, modernity consists of the less-is-more philosophy, which implies less clutter and more efficiency. We are constantly inventing new ways to make furniture that complies with this aesthetic. With an organized home or office space comes clearer thinking. With clearer thinking comes more productivity. With productivity comes more leisure time. And with more leisure time, comes the true essence of appreciating life and all of the beautiful things it has to offer. At Viesso, our mission is to offer these beautiful things at both ends.


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Living Essentials For a Modern Society

With nothing but enthusiastic feedback from our clients, who keep coming back for more, we are proud to provide living essentials for a modern society. For more information on how to order from our online store, or to visit us in our Los Angeles showroom, please contact us or call at 877.8.VIESSO.

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