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Eight Creative Dining Room Storage Ideas

For the typical modern home, the dining room has become more than just the place where families settle down to eat. It is often the space where homeowners will entertain their guests during social or special occasions. With the massive shift to working from home, the dining room will often double up as a makeshift office during the day if there is no other space available. As a result, dining rooms now need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Storage space can often be a headache for many homeowners, especially for smaller rooms. Interior designers are striving for storage solutions that are both sleek and practical, where everything can be tucked neatly away.

In this article, we will present a selection of our favorite dining room storage ideas that will suit a wide variety of styles and spaces.

Versatile built-in furniture

As the name suggests, built-in cupboards and cabinets are incorporated directly into the structure of the room or space. They are permanent fixtures within the space that cannot easily be removed, though there may be little need to take them out for most dining rooms.

The huge advantage to this form of storage space is that it is ideal for smaller rooms that cannot accommodate larger, external pieces. Every room needs walls - it makes logical sense that those walls can double up in purpose and provide ample storage space.

A popular form of this type of furniture is a built-in bench. As with all forms of built-in furniture, they are designed to be multi-functional. Not only do they provide a comfortable space to sit, but you can use the space underneath for baskets of built-in drawers that can be hidden from view with throws and covers.

You can also apply the same thinking with extra storage built underneath your dining table. This is particularly useful if it doubles up as your workspace desk throughout the day.

Efficient bespoke joinery

When it comes to built-in furniture, some homeowners choose to go one step further by fully maximizing every square inch of space with bespoke joinery.

This form of storage involves designing fixtures that have been precisely measured and customized to fit a designated space. They are usually made from timber and are generally intended for awkward corners or areas under the staircase. If you are tight on space, this design can help add storage where you didn't previously think possible!

Fashionable china cabinets

There are several different types of cabinets that you could look to incorporate into your dining room space. However, a traditional piece of dining room furniture is an elegant china cabinet.

Slimline china cabinets are great for those tighter spaces and can easily slot into smaller alcoves around the room. For larger spaces, china cabinets are often a statement piece of furniture with beautiful glass doors and stylish decor. As with any cabinet, you should opt for a design that allows for adjustable shelving for the different types of ware you will be storing.

Effective longline shelves

It is unlikely that you will find many dining room spaces that don't make some use of shelving. As well as offering additional storage space, they also double up as excellent fixtures for display purposes.

Longline and floating shelves are great for running along the entire length of a wall or can be strategically placed for practical purposes. You could opt to install one just above the sink or cooking area for instant access to various utensils and sundry items.

Sophisticated sideboards

The sideboard is another classic feature of most dining rooms, both modern and traditional. They are excellent for providing additional storage and can vary considerably in length, making them ideal for rooms of all sizes. They also provide a top surface for decorative ornaments and displays while still allowing for considerable wall space above it for paintings, lighting, and other home decor ideas.

Due to their popularity and versatility, sideboards can be found for all budgets and are built from a vast range of materials and finishes. Our Nordic oak sideboard is both sleek and simple and comes in three different lengths, while our blackbird oak sideboard comes with the option of both closed and open shelves.

Simple storage walls

Sometimes the idea of keeping things simple is the best way to go. Rather than investing in more expensive pieces such as cabinets and sideboards, you may look to create a functional wooden framework that runs along an entire wall.

With this custom storage solution, you will be able to design the areas for storage to fit your exact purposes. The wooden structure can be painted any color to match your existing interior design aesthetic. You could even adapt and amend your spaces if circumstances change or if you require additional shelving.

Distinguished wine racks

If you're after something that demonstrates both practicality and sophistication, then a wine rack or fridge might be what you are looking for. You could opt for a simple low-lying cabinet that can be tucked away in the corner, or you could go with a more prestigious option if you have both the space and a particular propensity for wine!

The added benefit of many wine fridges is that those with glass doors will emit a gentle glow that can be strategically placed in your dining room area.

Tasteful storage and art displays

Nothing is stopping you from customizing the exterior of your storage units. Most pieces come in neutral tones or whites that you can easily paint on. You could utilize open sections with closed cabinets to allow for displays and lighting.

With this approach, you can combine the need for dining room storage with an opportunity to be creative with your aesthetic choices.

Final Thoughts

Dining rooms and spaces are now much more than simply a place to eat. They double up as work spaces for those that work from home. They serve as a center point when hosting guests. And they can also end up being an area that builds up clutter from the other rooms of the house.

With clever storage solutions and various storage spaces, you can ensure that your dining room is both practical in terms of its storage capacity and aesthetically pleasing as a place for entertainment and work.

At Viesso, we offer a wide selection of sideboards, credenzas, and cabinets that are ideal for your dining room. Not only is every piece that we sell both sleek and stylish, but we also ensure that the designers and manufacturers we work with share our core values and principles - to provide high-quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable furniture for all areas of your home.

If you would like any recommendations on which of our collections may work for you, or if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also be interested in our article on ten luxury dining tables for the modern dining room.

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