How to Design the Perfect Movie Room with an Entertainment Sectional

Transform your living space into the ultimate media room, creating the perfect viewing experience for your guests. But, how can you create the perfect movie room?

Along with eye-catching decor immersing your entertainment space, modern sectionals provide unrivaled comfort and luxury for the big screen. Every seat is the best seat in the house when you include an entertainment sectional sofa in your media room.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can design the perfect movie room and the factors you should consider.

What Is a Movie Room?

A movie room is a dedicated space in your home where you will watch movies and TV shows, and even play video games. 

Others may call this space a media room or a home theater room. However, its overall purpose is to create the perfect viewing experience for yourself, friends and family, adding comfort with a sectional such as the Adelaide Bi-sectional sofa.

How Can I Create a Movie Room?

To create a movie room in your home, you must have a secondary space that is not your regular living room. You could repurpose a family room, an unused dining room, or a guest bedroom as your very own media room.

It is also essential that your movie room space is a closed room and not part of an open plan living area to savor the immersive experience. 

How Big Should the Perfect Movie Room Be?

Your entertainment room should measure at least 15 x 20 feet and have a ceiling height of no less than 7 feet. A smaller space may feel too cramped, particularly if you are installing a large TV screen or projector.

If you are constructing a new room from scratch, try to make sure that the width of the new room is 1.6 times the ceiling height. Similarly, ensure that the length of the room is 2.3 times the height of the ceiling. These ratios create the perfect atmosphere for your entertainment room.

Of course, you should also ensure that your space is big enough for a comfy entertainment sectional. The Hollywood large sectional sofa is the perfect choice, offering plenty room for guests with a 12.8 feet width.

Top 6 Home Entertainment Room Design Ideas

Follow these top 6 ideas when designing your entertainment room:

1.  Lighting 

Usually, in your home you will want more natural light. That means more windows in each room allowing natural light to flood your home.

However, when creating a movie room, you want the exact opposite. Choose a space that has as little natural light as possible, such as a basement or even a loft. Any windows located in the room should have curtains that blackout the light from outside.

2.  Sound 

If you are constructing your new movie room, consider soundproofing the walls. 

Not only will soundproofing prevent other people in the house from hearing noise emitted from your entertainment space, but you will also stop other sounds from interrupting your movie experience. 

After all, you really don’t want to hear the vacuum cleaner or the dishwasher when you are in the middle of watching an immersive thriller! 

3.  Decor

What room decor do you want to choose for your media room? Perhaps you want a traditional decor with eye-catching red velvet carpets and the obligatory popcorn machine? Or, will you opt for a minimalist look with classic, inoffensive color tones?

Whichever interior design look you go for, try to keep your walls and ceiling painted dark colors, offering greater visibility for your movie screen. 

Light walls and white ceilings reflect light, which are not great choices for a movie room.

4.  Seating 

Home theater seating must offer more than a standard sofa. After all, you want to create the perfect viewing experience for your guests. To achieve this, opt for home theater sectionals, seating up to 10 guests with just one large U-shaped sectional sofa.

Viesso has many modern sectional sofas to choose from to suit every space and every color scheme. The Anders L-Sectional sofa is perfect when maximizing the corners of a room, or opt for the Gigi modular sofa if a chaise longue feature is what you are looking for.

5.  Tiers 

If you have a big enough room, consider adding tiered flooring to your entertainment space to increase your guest capacity. This could involve a sloped floor, or steps built into your floor with a row of seating located on each step.

When choosing tiered seating, invest in the Parla modular sofa or the Seraphina modular sofa to tailor your modular couch to the space available. 

6.  Equipment 

Once you have the perfect movie space layout and your entertainment room interior design ideas decided, you now need to consider your equipment.

Will you choose a TV screen or a projector? 

A TV screen is the easier option as you can connect the TV screen to your streaming apps as you would when watching television in your living room.

A projector is more complicated to install although you would receive a more authentic home movie theater experience that a TV screen cannot compete with.

Also, consider installing surround sound to gain the audio effects of the movie theater for your guests. The subwoofer should be placed on the ground although the speakers themselves should be located at sitting level, unless specifically designed to be wall mounted.

Choose Viesso for Quality

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