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Statement Pieces To Take Your Space to the Next Level

Statement furniture has the power to completely transform your interior space. By adding a bold, eye-catching center point to your interior, be it your bedroom, entryway, lounge, or kitchen, you can instantly infuse your space with endless sophistication and character!

With so many unique designs and statement piece furniture types to choose from, it can be tricky to choose the right piece. Lucky for you, we've shortlisted the most impactful furniture statement pieces that you can shop at Viesso. Keep reading to discover your home's next statement piece:

#1 Unique Accent Coffee Tables

A statement-piece coffee table can do wonders for a lounge area. Pairing your sofa, daybed, or lounge chairs with a unique accent coffee table will anchor your interior, making it look drastically more sophisticated, cohesive, and complete. It also creates a dynamic focal point in your lounge, especially when placed in the center.

Modern coffee tables, like transparent glass coffee tables, are the perfect statement piece for contemporary homes. 

The glass-top Ross Coffee Table is a Scandinavian-inspired round coffee table with striking wooden legs. This charming glass coffee table embodies simplicity while still managing to capture the eye, making it a true match made in heaven for anyone after an understated accent table.

If you want to uplift your space with a hint of modern, rustic elegance, a wooden coffee table is a fantastic choice. Showcasing natural wood grain and preserved organic shapes, the remarkable Pure Teak Star Root Side Table showcases the very best of nature. We recommend adorning this special piece with your favorite plants to create your very own indoor enchanted forest!

If you want the natural charm of a wooden piece but want something more sleek and modern coffee table, consider painted and carved wood coffee tables, like the ultra avant-garde Odeon Round Coffee Table that features a unique scalloped base and clean lines for a contemporary twist.

#2 Eye-Catching Floor Lamps

Statement floor lamps are a fabulous home decor piece that doesn't just light up a dull corner but also adds an extra touch of character.

The architectural Valeo Floor Lamp is a mesmerizing piece that gracefully arches over furniture to ensure it doesn't consume too much floor space while still being the center point of any space. If you love brutalist architecture or mid-century modern design, this incredible lamp is a wonderful match!

Or perhaps, if you'd prefer something more minimal yet eye-catching, the alluring Vetra P Floor Lamp is a delightful option. This retro-inspired lamp is masterfully crafted to radiate a soft glow that outlines its own structure, drawing the eye's attention to its charming design while adding warmth and light into a space.

If your interior is more eclectic and maximalist, go super bold, and add the striking James De Wulf Brass Floor Lamp. Meticulously designed by legendary designer, James De Wulf, this couture lamp doubles up as an art piece that is bound to impress anyone who passes it.

#3 Retro Accent Chairs

A retro accent chair will instantly spruce up your home, giving it more character and nostalgic charm. These chairs are super versatile pieces that look great in practically any space. You can incorporate an accent chair into your home's lounge arrangement, as a corner gap filler in your bedroom, or even have one tucked away in your entryway.

The ultra-sleek PK20 Lounge Chair is a true novelty piece that's reminiscent of iconic mid century modern design from the 1970s. Its padded leather seat and solid clean-lined matt chromed steel effortlessly marry to deliver understated luxury, making it ideal for home's with a more minimal style.

Inspired by 1950s and 1960s interiors, the funky Captain Chair by Bend allows you to choose from a variety of bold colors that will enliven any corner, making it a wonderful match for homes with a playful and vibrant interior.

#4 Bold Pendant Lighting

Adorning your ceiling with a bold statement pendant lighting fixture will make your home look stylish from top to bottom. Lampshades are often overseen when choosing statement furniture and decor. However, they are incredibly effectual additions that won't simply add more character to your interior but will also enhance your home's ambiance.

If you navigate toward organic interior styles, the Cura LED Pendant won't disappoint. Inspired by the intricacy of bird nests, this fixture is a true rustic spectacle composed of overlapping wooden sticks that nestle the lightbulb, creating a striking, wild display.

For homes seeking a something classic with a quirky twist, the space-age inspired Vladimir Pendant is a likely match. Featuring futuristic, outward pointing brass beams of light, this intergalactic pendant creates a burst of luminosity that's reminiscent of ethereal stars.

#5 Contemporary Sofas

A contemporary sofa is the most noticeable statement piece for a living room. Because sofas consume so much space, they take center stage in your lounge space and demand attention, which is why it's so important to make sure you choose a sofa that harmonizes with your interior.

The curvaceous Greta Sofa is a fabulous choice if you want to add a touch of elegance and vibrancy to your home. Crafted with premium velour fabric and a low floor-grazing profile, this trendsetting piece will infuse your lounge with endless luxury while swaddling you in sumptuous comfort.

If you're seeking a statement piece that offers more of a rustic, earthy touch, the graceful Sense Indoor 3-Seater Sofa will certainly turn your head! Engrossed by sculptural panels crafted from real rattan, this natural sofa embraces the free-spirit of bohemia while exuding an airy, tranquil aesthetic.

If your home interior abides by clean, geometric shapes and minimal style, the boxy Brixton Sofa is a solid choice. Its sharp-edged silhouette and buttery smooth leather finish will undeniably introduce newfound sophistication into your space, making your interior look endlessly sleek and impeccably polished.

#6 Modern Dining Tables

A standout dining table has the power to define your dining room's interior aesthetic. Choosing the right dining table to complement your home is more than simply finding a stylish new statement piece, it's about choosing something that draws friends and family together to foster communal enjoyment where new shared memories are formed with every meal enjoyed.

If you're looking for a dining table that makes a powerful statement, consider the impressive Hourglass Cage Dining Table by luxury designer James De Wulf. This remarkable piece serves the strength and solidity of brutalist architecture, creating an undeniable presence that will dominate your dining space.

For dining areas that boast a farmhouse chic aesthetic, the natural Mikado Oak Dining Table will look exceptional in your space. Featuring a smooth, solid oak surface supported by striking, criss-cross legs, this delightful table will infuse your dining room with organic warmth while adding a subtle hint of structural refinement.

If you love all things bright and colorful, you can add a vibrant statement to your dining room by welcoming the lively Williams Oval Dining Table into your space. This quirky table lets you choose between a range of colorful hairpin-style legs, including green, orange, yellow, pink, and red, so you can find a finish that coordinates with your dining room's color scheme!

#7 Patterned Area Rugs

Patterned area rugs are a fantastic type of statement decor that will enliven your flooring with color and texture, adding character to your interior and complementing your surrounding furniture.

If you want to achieve a laid-back, effortlessly stylish look, we recommend checking out the shabby-chic Legacy Hand-Knotted Rug. Masterfully hand-knotted with a luxurious blend of bamboo silk and wool, this high-end, abstract piece will uplift your home with natural elegance and charm.

For contemporary homes with neutral interior palettes, we suggest the monochromatic Villaputzo VO100 Rug By Second Studio. Despite featuring a dual-tone black and white colorway, this rug is anything but dull. Its unique composure of geometric shapes will bring your interior to life!

#8 Stylish Entryway Benches

Too often, we neglect our entryways by forgetting to decorate them. Adding a stylish entryway bench is a simple yet incredibly effective way you can beautify your home's entrance. By adding a stylish statement piece to your entryway, you'll make an impressive first impression on guests and create a more inviting space - they also serve as a comfy and convenient spot to perch on and tie your shoelaces!

If your entryway is lacking character, invite the contemporary-bohemian Le Roi Bench into your home. Featuring natural handwoven rattan panels and Scandinavian-style solid oak legs, this charming bench will subtly uplift your entryway and give you and your guests a warm welcome!

Or, if you want to infuse your entryway with chic, fashionable style, the modish Inna Bench is the perfect piece. This lavish bench boasts a soft cushioned seat, available in a range of elegant tones, including terracotta, almond, buttermilk, and more! Its sumptuous, cushioned seat is accompanied by a floating side table, blending luxury comfort with convenience and style.

Popular Statement Furniture Design Styles: Which Matches Your Aesthetic?

When choosing statement furniture for your home, it's key to choose the right style to ensure your chosen centerpiece harmonizes with your existing interior aesthetic. Here's an overview of the most popular styles for statement furniture and decor:

  • Scandinavian: Characterized by clean, smooth silhouettes and soothing neutral tones, Scandinavian-style furniture adds understated elegance to interiors while nurturing a calm, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Bohemian: Bohemian, or boho, style embraces nature's offerings to create organic, free-spirited furniture that introduces soul and charm to any interior.
  • Mid-Century Modern: Reminiscent of the 1970s, mid-century modern furniture combines soft curves, organic tones, and contemporary geometric shapes, evoking a sense of nostalgia and sophistication.
  • Art-Deco: Inspired by the roaring 1920s, art-deco furniture is characterized by symmetrical geometric patterns, sleek lines, and contrasting tones, which blend to deliver a glamorous and chic finish.
  • Farmhouse: Delivering traditional comfort and functionality with natural wood construction, farmhouse-style furniture is the pinnacle of rustic charm.
  • Coastal: Defined by airy, lightweight, beachy characteristics, such as woven seating and soft white upholstery, coastal furniture adds a wave of serenity that will transform any space into a seaside oasis.
  • Industrial: Featuring bold architectural constructions, typically crafted from steel and concrete, industrial-style furniture serves as a bold statement that adds urban sophistication and futuristic charm to interior spaces.

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