How to Style a Round Coffee Table

If properly styled, round coffee tables can become a charming centerpiece that adds sophistication and character to your room. 

Round coffee tables need more attention to detail than the traditional square or rectangular shape. Without the clean corners to work with, the circular shape requires a little more craft. 

Styling a round coffee table allows you to showcase it as a modern feature, and it can tie your room together, increasing the flow and appearance of your thought-out space. 

If you're wondering where to start and how to style a round coffee table, we've compiled a list of key points to create an effortlessly stylish coffee table, including how to use the round space to your advantage.

Coffee table books

Add a small pile of thick books to one side of your round coffee table for a modern, sophisticated look. The number of books will depend on the size of your coffee table, but keep in mind that a smaller amount of thicker books will give a more polished look.

Choose a theme or a color scheme and build your stacked books from there. Display your favorite books; they can provide a great conversation starter and add a sleek and personal look to your round coffee table.

Add a bunch of flowers

Adding fresh flowers to your round coffee table can add color, life, and height to your living room. Nothing says spring like flowers, and with that season approaching, it's a great time to include them in your home decor along with their pleasantly fragrant scents. 

With a wide variety of flowers to choose from, get creative and work with the size of your table and room and the general vibe of your room. For example, a large vase with bright flowers would look great on a more oversized table without dominating the space. 

Match the flowers' colors to your room, or use bold colors to stand out as a focal point and brighten up dark or neutral walls and decor. For a more subtle look, gypsophila is a classy flower that adds a soft touch and doesn't take up too much space. Or, for a more extravagant bunch of flowers, lily flowers attract attention and will dress up your coffee table.

Light a cozy candle

If you're wondering how to style a round coffee table quickly and simply, add a candle to create a cozy atmosphere. The countless different looks, styles and smells of candles will create a comforting ambience and transform your room into a tranquil heaven. 

Choose a candle that matches your interior, and it'll look great on top of a pile of thick books, as long as it's not too high. Use candle holders or glass vases that will fit a tall candle inside for a contemporary look. Be careful not to overcrowd the coffee table - too much can make it look busy and detract from its features. Let the flickering flame of your elegant candle work its magic and ooze relaxation around your home.

Add some character with art sculptures

If you're into your art or have a keen eye for small sculptures, an attractive artistic addition can give your round coffee table a unique look that adds interest. If you have a few small art sculptures, create groupings to keep them close to prevent your round table from looking cluttered.

For an aesthetically pleasing set-up, add art that suits your living room decor or use it to add a pop of color to your space. Mini sculptures and knick-knacks will add some personality to your coffee table, making them effective conversation starters.

Our Periferia Round Coffee Table is the perfect base, and it'll look great decorated with your favorite styling accessories.

Use a tray to avoid clutter

Use a tray to keep everything together to prevent your round coffee table from looking cluttered. Your tray could include sculptures, drink coasters or candles, and it'll attract attention to your styling efforts. 

Depending on the size of your table, the shape of the tray will vary, and you may find a rectangular or square one works better in a bigger space as it creates contrast with its sharp lines. If your table is smaller, a round tray maintains symmetry and keeps it flowing well.

A double-tiered coffee table can give you added storage space, and a tray on each level can help keep your knick-knacks grouped together and keep it feeling practical and looking streamlined. 

Use the storage space to your advantage and avoid any build-up of clutter. 

Add a houseplant

Use an eye-catching houseplant with a unique shape or look to attract attention to your round coffee table. If you have a room that needs a little lift, a long-leafed, noticeable houseplant will do the job, bringing nature into the space with a flash of greenery.

Use a pleasing pot or a beautiful bowl for your plant as an extra opportunity to reflect your style. Depending on the size of the table, you may decide on a bold statement houseplant or opt for a more subtle approach.

Consider color coordination

Matching your round coffee table and its decorative items to the color scheme of your home will bring the room together. Match your table or coffee table decor to other furniture or accessory items in the room. For example, if you have that rustic look in your home, choose a coffee table that'll fit effortlessly into that style.  

Whether adding a burst of color into a room of neutrals or keeping it subtle and similar, pay attention to the coordination to create an effortlessly stylish coffee table. Our Williams Round Coffee table gives you different color options, sizes, and shapes that are ideal for any room.

Dress up your coffee table to reflect your unique style, and it'll be an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching piece of furniture that'll be the perfect accessory to your room, giving it that polished look. 

At Viesso, we have a wide range of round coffee tables. Browse our collection to find the one that’s right for you. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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