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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture needs to be practical, durable and, of course, stylish. 

Whether you're hosting or enjoying some alone time, your outdoor space is a place where you can sit back and enjoy your surroundings. 

We must look after our planet and make responsible choices about our carbon footprint. 

Eco-friendly outdoor furniture made with sustainable, natural resources minimizes the negative impact on the environment. Therefore, choosing eco-friendly furniture when upgrading your outdoor space is the ethical option.

What is eco-friendly outdoor furniture? 

Eco-friendly outdoor furniture is a product made with renewable, sustainable materials that cause less of a negative impact on the environment. From dining tables to outdoor sofas, eco-friendly furniture can transform your outdoor area into a modern, functional, and sustainable space.

Recycled materials and renewable resources produce less waste and pollution than synthetic materials such as nylon, which is non-biodegradable and causes more long-term pollution. During the entire life-cycle of eco-friendly materials, there is minimal harm to the environment. 

You can reuse eco-friendly materials like wood, steel and bamboo as they can be recycled, releasing less harmful chemicals and pollutants from manufacturing into the atmosphere.

 Making the responsible decision to add products made with recycled materials will benefit the environment and make your home, and backyard, a safer and more organic place to be. 

Sustainable outdoor furniture could be dining sets, chairs, and sofas made from sustainable, raw materials. 

Why choose eco-friendly outdoor furniture? 

Here are some benefits of choosing eco-friendly furniture for your home:

Less of a negative impact on the environment

Eco-friendly resources are natural and release fewer chemicals and pollutants into the atmosphere, causing less air pollution. Opting for eco-friendly furniture will reduce your carbon footprint and cause minimal environmental damage. 

It can improve your health 

Chemicals found in standard furniture can create health problems such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, and potential skin irritations. Non-toxic, chemical-free furniture is the best choice for your health and well-being.

It's more cost-effective

Eco-friendly furniture is a better long-term investment as it's long-lasting and durable. Rather than replacing your products as they suffer from wear and tear, sustainable materials will serve you well for longer. 

It helps to reduce waste

With less pollution in manufacturing and disposal, eco-friendly products can be reused and recycled rather than ending up in landfill like many of our non-sustainable synthetic furniture options. 

It reduces deforestation

Wood that comes from sustainably managed forests helps the environment as the replanting of trees is promoted, and recycled wood means fewer trees are cut down in the first place. 

What sustainable materials are best suited for outdoor furniture? 

Find sustainable outdoor furniture that will upgrade your outdoor space by looking modern and stylish while creating a healthier, cleaner space with less negative environmental impact. 

To find sustainable outdoor furniture that's eco-friendly and resilient against the elements, here are some of the most common materials used by sustainable outdoor furniture brands:


Aluminum is a natural resource and is one of the most recyclable metals. This metal is rust-free for outdoor furniture and can stand strong against the elements. Easy to clean and lightweight, it's the ideal material for outdoor furniture.

A popular choice for dining furniture, aluminum dining tables come in many shapes and sizes. A lightweight, versatile table made with aluminum will transform your outdoor space into your new favorite restaurant. 

Our Victoria Outdoor Aluminium Dining Table could be the perfect choice for those big occasions. No matter the event, or the weather, it'll add that sleek, stylish look to your outdoor space. 

Stainless steel

As one of the most environmentally friendly metals, stainless steel is highly durable, recyclable, and rust-resistant. It's often used for sustainable patio furniture as it's easy to clean. Steel is incredibly robust and sturdy, meaning it should last an extremely long time in your outdoor space.  This makes steel a cost-effective choice. 

Eco-friendly patio furniture is often made with steel as it's solid and durable, so sit back, relax, and enjoy those peaceful moments in the sun. Our 1900 Armchair is the perfect, classy steel patio chair that looks like you've picked it straight from a cafe in Paris. 


Teakwood stands firm against any weather and is a natural resource that is durable, strong, and perfect for environmentally friendly outdoor furniture. 

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) teak comes from forests responsibly managed with standards set to benefit the environment and planet. FSC-certified teak is an excellent option for your furniture as it meets environmental and economic standards. 

Outdoor sofas are a great way to unwind and relax, especially in warmer weather. A sustainable outdoor furniture brand may use teak to create the best weather-resistant furniture that is also good for the environment.

Furthermore, sustainable brands may use FSC-Certified wood, reclaimed wood, or recycled plastic for a coffee table or practical piece of outdoor furniture. These materials are also weather-proof and will be valuable to your backyard.

Our Paralel 2 Seater Sofa's frame is made with robust and weather-resistant teak and is perfect for those days spent lounging in the sun. 


You can use wicker for outdoor furniture due to its durability and ability to withstand the elements; it's stain-resistant and doesn't fade in the sun. Wicker grows quickly, making it naturally sustainable, and not only that, it looks great in any outdoor space.  

To transform your outdoor living space into a tranquil, eco-friendly space, a comfortable lounge chair can do just that.

Commonly made from classical weave or rattan, lounge chairs like our Malabar Armchair, made with teak and an all-weather wicker frame, make great sustainable outdoor furniture and look modern in your outdoor space. Fairtrade practices come into play with rattan, making it even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

For more sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor spaces, many of these products will upgrade your area and turn your backyard into a polished and practical haven. 

Viesso offers a large selection of sustainable, stylish, eco-friendly outdoor furniture. Not only does our furniture look sleek in any outdoor space, but it's also long-lasting and functional. We use sustainable materials in all our products and work with brands with the same eco-friendly outlook. 

If you want to upgrade your outdoor space, contact us today or look at a previous article on how to design an outdoor setting.

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